Art 6

Hello there, Fierce Flyer here coastin' in to give you guys a brand new blog post! Welcome to yet another: ART. 6th edition. Make sure to like the post and comment your thoughts on the pieces below, I'd love to hear from you. Without further ado let's get started! 1: Birds of a Feather What … Continue reading Art 6


On the Contrary…

So... um, hey there guys. I'm here again. What's up? Nothing much? Relatable...   Okay for real tho, apologies, but I've been doing things. Big things. Kinda big things. Just read till' end, you'll see. Redesign For one, I redesigned Fierce Flyer! (Left: Before | Right: After) I added a leather jacket cause' the cyan … Continue reading On the Contrary…

The Oath of Socialism

Hey guys and gals, Fierce Flyer here floatin' in to give you another awesome blog post! Now, if you're like me you've probably experienced some awkwardness in your life time whether it be your best pal, your siblings, a complete total stranger, or even a teacher. Now, I'm not that anti-social or exactly an introvert, I'm rather … Continue reading The Oath of Socialism

Been Working Hard

Good Afternoon everyone, Fierce Flyer here divin' in to give you a brand new blog post! Today I'll explain why I haven't been posting lately and will continue to go through this Hiatus for the time being.


Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here glidin' in to give you a brand new awesome blog post! If you haven't known already I'm a flipping PHB author!!! I've literally never thought I'd see the day where I'd be an author for the most renown blog in the community! But, as great of an honor and opportunity this is, … Continue reading PHB or FFA?

Art 5

Hey everyone, it's me, Fierce Flyer soaring in to give you an epic new post! I'm super stoked to announce that today marks Art. Number. FIVE!! I don't know about you guys but I luv this series! Posting my art through the years is always fun, looking back seeing how much I improved, looking back to see how I can improve. Also HUGE announcement at the end of the post STAY TUNED....