Fan Fiction Announcement

Hey everyone! Fierce Flyer here, and welcome to a new segment in this blog... Fan Fiction Friday! Every Friday I'll be either posting news about any upcoming fan fics, extras, and fan fictions in general so make sure you tune in every Friday for some awesome content. Alright that's all for now, Fierce Flyer out!

PBN Announcement!

FierceFlyer here and I have some great news! I am now officially a member of the Poptropica Blog Network! This is a great honor for a Poptropican like me and I'm super excited to express how I feel about Poptropica and all the creative islands. Can't wait to get started, FierceFlyer out!


FierceFlyer here! I'm glad to announce that I have opened up my own blog! I made one because I want to share the news and items buzzing around Poptropica, Tell you the adventures I'm having on each Island and to make some new friends so I can't wait to start! you can find me on … Continue reading Welcome!