Fierce Flyer here and welcome to another Island Update! Over the past few days I’ve been playing Survival Island and as most of you know I finished episode 3… and I got carried away and completed episode 4 & 5, oops! To make up for me skipping over the blog a bit this Island Update will be episode 4 part 1 review (#5 will be soon)!  alright, let’s get started.

Episode: 4 part 1

At the start of episode 4 you land near a large cabin where you will greet a famous hunter Myron van Buren (Let’s just call him Buren). He informs you that the big hunt is tomorrow when you try to tell him you need to get going, sounds suspicious to me. Buren brings you to his trophy room where he shows you all the animals he hunted, not cool Buren, from rhinos to gorillas and… a human!? Fortunately this persons alive and is a “sidekick” to Buren, his name is Winston and he’s dressed rather fancy. Buren invites you to dinner  and you have to join him. Once you make it to dinner you take a bite from the meat that’s on your plate and your stomach imediantly gets upset as you passout while Buren is still urging you to eat for the hunt. You wake up to see your in a bedroom and the door out is locked luckily I found a convienient claw to bust the door open (here’s the creepy part) but curious little FierceFlyer took a look at the picture on the wall near the bed and accedently tapped one of the lights as it read “you are not alone” tell me if that’s not creepy, after playing around with the lights a little more it gave me a passcode to escape the cabin! without hast I busted the door open and found myself inches away of a lazer detector!

Alright thank you guys for tuning in on Island Update! I made it into different parts so the posts wont take to long 🙂 Until next post, Fierce Flyer out!


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