Finale vol. 1: The Epic Showdown

Silver Raptor gasped as he stepped back in immediate shock. Silver Raptor dared to look as he glanced towards the towering poptropican. “I knew it was you three pesky rodents trying to foil my plan!” Spiky Flame shouted. Agent raptor looked to his side seeing Red Rider ready to strike at any moment and turning his head in the opposite direction spotting Smart Flame ready to defend, as if Spiky Flame was going to lunge at them any moment. “Escort them to the prison immediately, with the others.” He then added, “dispose them of their gadgets as well.” Before any of the agents could react, 5 B.A.D. guards lounged at them with hand cuffs and swiftly knocked them over making slam the ground hard “ow!” Silver Raptor heard Smart Flame moan. “You’re not getting away with this! We’ll bring you to justice, just wait for it!” Red Rider shouted. The B.A.D. Guards hand cuffed all 3 of them and picked them up one by one, guiding them quickly downstairs. “If my hands weren’t cuffed, they would be in your face.” Red Rider hissed, “Tough talk for a little kid, to bad you can’t back it up.” The guard said brutally. Silver Raptor sensed tension with Red Rider and quickly said, “save it, he’s not worth it.” Red Rider rolled her eyes but obeyed. After a little more walking down stairs they made their way to a dark hallway, flickering light bulbs were the only reliable source of light, barely. The group edged closer to a locked room and one of the guards unlocked the door and slowly creaked it open, be ready for anything Silver, who knows what kind of craziness goes on in here. “Alright, gadget check!” One of them said as he quickly padded the pockets of the Agents, “Look what we have here, A laser pen, flashlights, a shrink ray, a taser, and some shades, don’t mind If I do.” He said putting them on. “Alright, see you guys, p.s. your friends might not have made it. Ha-ha-ha!!” The door slammed shut and the lock sounded, leaving them there in complete darkness. “Wow, we’re actually going to die.” Smart Flame said as he sat down. “It’s not over yet, we need to find the other captured agents.” Silver Raptor announced, “point, but like the guy said, they could be dead!” Smart Flame answered strictly. “He only said that to scare us. They’ve only been here for a couple of hours.” Red Rider said, “Let’s get searching then.” Each agent split up in search for the others, with no source of light it seemed hopeless, even calling their names didn’t help. Maybe they are dead… no, they can’t be. “Guys! I realized something!” It was Smart Flame’s voice, echoing around the dim prison, “well, what did you find?” Red Rider asked, “you know how they took our gadgets? They left one behind! My grappling bow tie.” then he added with a whisper, “But we have to stay quiet, this is our only chance of escape.” the others nodded knowing that this was true, they needed to devise a plan, one that can help them escape from the darkness, and bring Spiky Flame down.

Well hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of Fan Fiction Friday and as seen in the title it is the finale, part 1 of course, their’s going to be a part 2 and if needed a third one.

as always,


 And I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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