Hello everyone Fierce Flyer here and welcome to Fan Fiction Friday! Before the story begins I want to inform everyone every Friday will be a new chapter from the story and not the full story itself. Well, hope you enjoy Chapter 1 of my fan fiction!

Chapter 1: Mission Brief

The moon was a lantern in the night sky as it glowed it’s light on Spy Island. The city was quite and the cold wind was howling in the air. There were a few lights on from apartment to apartment but none shined brighter than the Spy HQ on main street. It’s glow seemed inviting despite the fact it was strictly for agents only. A young Poptropican with medium blonde hair dressed in a formal tuxedo wearing jet black shades approached the Building. He then stopped in front of the glass door and lifted his shades up gently. The scanner near the door carefully examined if his bright green eyes computed with one of the agents listed. He put the shades back on as the door gradually opened, “Welcome Agent Raptor.” the scanner said in its normal robotic voice. He continued towards a desk with another agent waiting, “Write your name, date, and what time you came in.” The Agent grumbled. Agent Raptor glanced at his watch and wrote down all the information needed to sign in. “Also Silver Raptor, Directer Fierce needs you in his office up stairs.” Silver Raptor gasped, “What? He’s usually never here!? And I’ve just been here for a week!” “Quiet down rook, he has urgent news and needs you upstairs,” The agent at the counter repeated, “In other words stop bothering me and go to Fierce Flyer.” Silver Raptor rolled his eyes, of course the agent by the counter didn’t see due to Raptor’s shades but he felt like doing it anyway. Silver Raptor quickly walked towards the stairs aligned with a smooth silver railing, he ran up quickly nearly tripping over the elevation of the stairs once or twice. He peered around a corner and spotted Director D’s old office, he gulped as he straitened up his tuxedo and began to walk slowly towards the door, He could hear talking through the door, he could barely make out what they were saying, “Alright Is everyone here?” He heard a voice say. “I think so…” an unsure agent responded. Here I go Silver Raptor whispered as he opened the door. Silver Raptor looked around the room in awe, there were high-tech computers beautiful views of the skyline a large planing board and, snacks! “Okay take a seat everyone! Director Fierce should be coming any second now…” One agent spoke up over the few agent’s in the room, he was wearing a black beanie an all black suit and a gray sash coming from the top of his shoulder, down to his waist and across it. Just then the door creaked open revealing a teenager wearing a suit, a grappling bow tie and glasses. His umber brown hair was combed neatly as he sat down near the high-tech screens, “Greetings agents,” he began. “My name is Fierce Flyer.” Silver Raptor was confused he thought Director Fierce was a tough middle-aged hero who stopped Director D and his evil plans not a 12-year-old leading a whole society of top-secret agents. “Today I have some urgent news that needs to be addressed immediately.” Fierce Flyer said, “A patrol I sent on a mission to spy on the B.A.D. were caught trespassing, they sent a distress signal towards the Spy HQ. I fear the B.A.D. is planning a raid, they’re taking agent after agent into their dungeon until there are few of us left here at the Q. I’m pretty sure the new commander for the B.A.D. Spiky Flame is behind this.” a few gasps sounded around the room from this news including Silver Raptor’s. “Therefore I must appoint 3 agents to go after the B.A.D., rescue the patrol, and bring Flame’s plan to justice!” Fierce Flyer’s brown eyes seemed determined as he called the first agent’s name, “Happy Boa, Brave Lizard, and…” “Silver Raptor.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 1: (Mission Brief) I had so much fun creating this Chapter and myself too am excited for Chapter 2, Well write down in the comments if you have any suggestions as to what I should add or any ideas you have for me and I’ll consider putting it in. 🙂 That’s it for now, until next post, Fierce Flyer out!


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