Before we begin I would like to apologize for missing last Fan Fiction Friday, I had quite a lot on my plate and wasn’t able to complete it then… I guess we’ll begin.


Chapter 2: Trust

“Therefore I must appoint 3 agents to go after the B.A.D., rescue the patrol, and bring Flame’s plan to justice!” Fierce Flyer’s brown eyes seemed determined as he called the first agent’s name, “Happy Boa, Brave Lizard, and…” “Silver Raptor.” “What!?” Silver Raptor blurted after hearing Fierce Flyer call his name for the mission. “Silver Raptor, you passed your agency test and finished top of your class, I trust that you’ll succeed on this mission, as for everyone else, We need all hands on deck for our communication devices, radars, and gadgets. Let’s get to work everyone!” With that, most of the agents cheered with determination and excitement as they got out of their seats to work on their stations. Silver Raptor was in panic, There has to be a mistake, I haven’t been on any type of mission yet and my first one is to stop the B.A.D. Chief? Silver Raptor felt a tap on the shoulder as he glanced back, It was Brave Lizard. He was probably the most experienced agent on this Island, he knew every single gadget as if it was the back of his hand. He also was one of the three agents Director Fierce saved, He had a black beanie and an all black suit followed with a gray sash filled with gadgets. “Are you ready?” he asked in a deep serious tone. Silver Raptor knew he wasn’t ready at all but somehow found the courage to say he was “Y-Yeah I’m… ready.” Brave Lizard looked at him with uncertainty and turned back around to face the other agent going on the mission, Happy Boa. She had long almond colored hair and her suit too had a gray sash across it. “You’re going to need to suit up Agent Raptor,” She began, “There should be another suit waiting for you near the lobby.”

Silver Raptor came out of the dressing room with his black suit and gray sash, he kept his shades on so he could still look “cool” as he approached the gadget room, waiting there were two other agents both expressionless, “You’re going to need a grappling bow tie, a communication/radar watch, a taser, a laser shooter, cooler shades and a camo suit.” the agent to the left said in a serious tone. The other agent to the right grabbed a few items behind the door and appeared once more holding all the equipment needed for the mission. “Good luck, Raptor.” they both said in unison. “Okay…” he whispered as he grabbed the items and backed up slowly. Waiting near the door were Happy Boa, Brave Lizard, and Fierce Flyer. “I’m ready.” he quietly said to Brave Lizard “Good.” was the one word reply. Fierce Flyer then spoke up, “I’m glad everyone’s ready, we can’t waste any time in this dire situation-” suddenly a few notes fell out of his jacket pockets as he quickly picked them up, “Heh, sorry about that… where was I?” “Ah, You three agents need to trust each other no matter what the situation is, trust is always important as well as bravery and wits each one of you have these traits and will need to use them to your fullest potential, Brave Lizard, Bravery, Happy Boa, wits, Silver Raptor, Trust. Believe in one another and never give up no matter what the odds are, heck, there’s no such thing as odds. Remember the mission and remember each other, Clear?” The three agents nodded in unisen. “Good, and Good luck.”

     Hope you enjoyed this Fan Fiction Friday, remember if you have any Idea’s feel free to put them in the comments and I’ll reply to each one. Til’ next post, Fierce Flyer out!


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