Chapter 3: On the Roof

As the three agents started making their way towards the docks near B.A.D. head quarters Silver Raptor remembered what was at stake this mission, they had to at all cost rescue that patrol and stop Flame’s master plan, if they couldn’t they would be helping the B.A.D. Get one step closer to destroying spy island. Just thinking that one mistake could cost them an entire island was stressful, even more stressful than his algebra 1 test he barely passed. “Alright we’re getting near, let’s contact the HQ for further instructions.” Brave lizard whispered as he came to a sudden stop. “This is patrol CS64 reporting to HQ contact center, over.” Just like in movies! Silver Raptor thought. “We read you loud and clear CS64 what’s your status? Over.” “We are 78 yards from entering the B.A.D. HQ all of us are healthy and alive. Over.” Alive?! I can barely breathe right now! “Good,” the contact center began, “we are now hacking into B.A.D security systems, you should be able to advance on our say so.” Brave Lizard nodded despite the fact the HQ couldn’t hear movement. “Alright here’s the plan. Agent Boa and I will infiltrate through the vent systems which leaves you agent Raptor to get inside by going on the roof, if not get through those windows and we’ll meet you top deck to execute phase 2 of the plan, if you happen to come across any guards either hide or attack without setting off an alarm.” “Hold on a sec, how the heck am I going to get on the roof?!” Silver Raptor demanded, “Easy, use your grappling bow tie.” Happy Boa responded, “W-Well how come I’m going alone.” “Because if you get caught you’ve still got us.” This time it was Brave Lizard piping in. “So I’m bait?” Brave Lizard rolled his eyes, “Technically we all are, but I don’t look at it like that, it’s like relying on each other no matter what the-” “Patrol CS64 you are all clear to go, over.” “Alright, you know the plan, let’s get to work.” with that Brave Lizard and Happy Boa slowly crept around the corner of the docks and shifted in the shadows. “Ugh, I’m so captured.”

Silver Raptor made his way to the top of the B.A.D. Tower scanning for some sort of way to get in, only to find a giant letter H sign underneath him, “hmm… there’s gotta be a way in if helicopters land here.” Silver Raptor began scanning the spacious building space to find stairs leading down to the main building. “Yes!” he whispered as he began gradually descending his way down the flight of stairs. Suddenly Silver Raptor jumped back in shock to hear an alarm ring around the tower, “No! Did I just trigger an alarm?!” Silver Raptor panicked as he saw shadows race around the corner of the stairs, run. Silver Raptor didn’t have to think twice as he bolted up the stairs in attempt to escape. Then he remembered, camo suit! Silver Raptor quickly equipped the suit and stood as still as a stick. please don’t see me please don’t see me he whispered, “I see you!” He heard a rather faint voice say from the bottom of the stairs, “Ha! You think you can run huh, Brave Lizard!” “Actually I do, Spotted Lightning.” Both of the voices appeared on the roof, “You may have gotten Happy Boa but you haven’t got-” Brave lizard was cut off by a B.A.D. Agent who suddenly shot a net over Agent Lizard. “You were saying?” He spat. “Nice work Agent Sky that should do it. Let’s bring these two back to Spiky Flame he’ll know what to do with these pest.” Oh no…  Silver Raptor thought as Brave Lizard was dragged back down in the darkness, not only is Brave Lizard and Happy Boa caught and Spiky Flame is getting closer to his master plan, but I have to do this… alone? 

Hope you enjoyed FanFiction Friday Chapter 3: On the Roof! Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed and comment down below any suggestions that I may need to improve the story moving on forward. Thank you again for tuning in and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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