Hello guys FierceFlyer here and welcome to another post or in this case trend! Today I will be bringing you Tall Cactus’ What If? List -> https://tallcactuspoptropicablog.wordpress.com/ Check out her blog, p.s. it’s awesome. Well enjoy 🙂


What if the sponsored islands are different realms?

I mean, this could be true due to the fact the characters in the sponsored islands aren’t poptropicans but if it really was a different realm I bet they would be… less friendly. Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid acts so normal when he see’s you, I would run and scream if I saw an alien in front of me… and maybe take a picture… or 2.

What if only the people on Home Island (and Mocktropica) know that they are in a game and everyone else is brainwashed?

What if were are in a game and we’re being brainwashed?! This must be a fun game with ups and downs on the way. 😉

What if your Poptropican ran away from their parents to explore the world and is constantly hopping from island to island to not get caught?

My poptropican’s parents must be horrible than if I needed to run away a hide from them in different islands

What if restarting islands erases everyone’s memories?

I would forget that the home island is almost completely useless

What if Poptropica is just a dream?

Best. Dream. Ever!! Going on all those adventures must be an awesome dream.

What if the Booted Bandit is your Poptropican, but from an alternate future?

I doubt that …although it’s a good theory someone can do, *cough* Purple Claw *cough* allergies heh…

What if some of the islands don’t actually take place on islands, but on the mainland?

I’m not sure what mainland your refering to but on the map I’m pretty sure they are islands, unless the entire map is a country

What if all the islands in Pop were already discovered and colonized, but you just dandy find them yet?

That would mean more poptropica islands, right?

What if all Poptropicans have realistic names, and players just have names like Tall Cactus to keep them safe online?

Then that would be a smart move for Poptropica insuring that nobody leaks personal info

What if there is some villain out there that glued everyone’s fingers together and to their hand so Poptropicans hands are stuck as circles? (this one was more of a joke question, lol) 

Lol XD

What if those monkeys who made your climb in Monkey Wrench Island were actually people in costumes? (also a joke question)

XD Lol

What if Dr. Hare isn’t actually a doctor/doesn’t have a real doctorate degree?

Dr. Hare is actually a poptropica creator so maybe?? Who knows *shrug*?

What if the Booted Bandit started the trend of Poptropicans wearing shoes in the upcoming New Pop?

Wearing shoes may be weird for my poptropican, just my opinion.

What if the New Pop answers all of these random questions, or more?

I think they definetly should! 😀


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