Fierce Flyer here and welcome to Fan Fiction Friday! Today will be a small sneak peak for the upcoming chapter, Infiltration, the full chapter will be this weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 4: Infiltration

Silver Raptor stood near the ventilation systems camouflaged perfectly with the surroundings on the B.A.D. HQ roof, trying to figure out what exactly happened. I can’t believe it… just like that they were caught, I thought it was going to be me first to get captured, than maybe them, but this is ridiculous! “I need to contact the agency,” Silver Raptor whispered as he quietly tried to use a voice command to activate his communicator, “Uh… this is 123E over?” he guessed. Nothing. Let’s try that again… This is Agent SR to Spy HQ over, do you hear me?” Their was a brief silence only the howling of wind could be heard until the HQ broke the silence, “Is this Silver Raptor speaking?” the HQ asked. Yes! “Thank goodness, there is no time to explain, I need backup ASAP this is a definite code red!” Silver Raptor waited and sighed, “over.” “Ah, yes, backup… um…” there was another silence only whispering could be heard from his communicator, “Who do we send? Almost all our agents are occupied!” the agent said, “There has to be someone… oh how about Short Comet?” The other voice suggested, “Short Comic… She’s on Lunch Duty.” “Lunch Duty?! We have that?” Silver Raptor rolled his eyes, “I can still hear you. Also may I add I said ASAP not take your time.”

Wait! Don’t click off yet, I’ve got a special announcement! Do YOU wan’t to be the special agent that goes on the mission with Silver Raptor just answer these questions in the poll here Fierce Flyer out!


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