Hey guys Fierce Flyer here and today I shall bring you the winners of my survey I created to see who would help Silver Raptor on his mission. To my surprise a lot of you guys took the survey I posted, a total of 11 poptropicans entered! Thank you so much guys! No before I announce the winners I would like to say for those who won congratulations! But for those who didn’t make it, don’t worry there will be much more opportunities like this one in the future, trust me. Anyway to be fair as to who the winner was I had to spin a wheel, the 2 winners, yes 2, are…

Agent Rider (Red Rider) and Agent Flame (Smart Flame) Congratulations! Both of you are the newest agents that will assist Silver Raptor on his mission! As I said before their are much more to come featuring this Fan Fiction so keep an eye out. That’s all for now, until next post Fierce Flyer out!


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