Holy cow! We’ve just reached 300 Hits!! Just a week ago I remember typing in 200+ hits now here I am typing 300 hits. Honestly I can’t thank you guys enough from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, I really mean it. This time I’ll thank another 3 people who helped my success and motivation for this blog. Sporty Boa (my brother) when it comes to motivation the first guy I turn to is my bro, he always has something good to say and I wouldn’t have started this blog without him! Next is Smart Flame, honestly you’re probably the most mature 10-year-old ever, and when I was ten I was pretty mature if I do say so myself. Thank you for letting me in your blog, I know I don’t post much but Poptropica Shorts are coming soon, I promise! Last and not least Hyper Gamer! He’s really taught me on how to be consistent and how patient people can be. When I was making your art I realized just how long you had to wait for me to actually finish, but you weren’t upset in any kind of way! So thank you HG for teaching me the ways of patience. Well we have to celebrate somehow, any suggestions can be put below in the comment section. I could do a Comic 4 you guys, or maybe I could host a party, you guys decide! As always I’ll see you guys in my next post, Fly Fierce, Fierce Flyer out!


12 thoughts on “OMG 300 HITS?!?!

  1. *Reads Post* Thank you so much! You are a great addition to my blog and I’m so grateful for all your contributions to my blog! I can’t wait to see this blog take its next big steps! And boy, I can’t decide between a comic or a party, both seem so great!

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