Hey there poptriopicans, yesterday I put out a poll asking which new daily segment would you like most on this blog, according to the results… Artistic Monday won! 50% of the votes wanted to see me draw anything of their choice on a Monday! It was pretty close between Artistic Monday and Top 10 Tuesday. Triple T (Top Ten Tuesday) got 30% of the votes, Daily Sunday got 20% and Walkthrough Wednesday got 0% honestly I’m happy Artistic Monday won, I can’t wait to post some of my art that you awesome fans suggest, just don’t make it to crazy! Also there will be only one drawing every Monday, if more than one person suggest a picture I’ll spin a wheel to decide which suggestion wins, occasionally I might do 2 drawings so… yeah. Also it starts today so if you want to suggest something, do it! Don’t be afraid to give suggestions every single one makes me happy :D, oh and it doesn’t have to be poptropica related, I repeat it doesn’t have to be Poptropica related  As always Fly Fierce, and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!

This is the Logo btw so ask away!


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