Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here and this Monday marks the first ever Artistic Monday! Yay! This week HG (Hyper Gamer) asked if I could draw Dr. Hare doing a carrot angel! I loved drawing this because it was tons of fun and it was a bit of a challenge, here it is!

untitled Tada! Alright let me explain a few things, the background is all orange resembling the carrots! *since I was a bit lazy and was running out of time because I started on Monday* Also I wanted to add a bit to Dr. Hare so I added some extra highlights on the belt and did the same for the upper shoulders. Well if any of you guys want to see your art request added to the gallery make sure to comment below for me to draw anything, it doesn’t always have to be Poptropica related, just be creative! You have until this Friday to get your request in before I spin the wheel deciding who get’s their art displayed! Fly Fierce guys and I’ll see you in my next post!

-Fierce Flyer out


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