Fan Fiction Friday Chapter 5: Rescue

Chapter 5: Rescue “We’re here!” They both said. “Kids!?” Silver Raptor gasped “Correction, pre-teen.” Red Rider responded, “Yeah, I’m pretty much a kid…” Smart Flame said as he shrugged. This can’t be happening, we’re all going to get captured now! I thought these were experienced agents, not amatures… like me. “What’s the plan? You are in charge right?” Silver … Continue reading Fan Fiction Friday Chapter 5: Rescue

I’m Sorry

Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here bringing you a brand new post. As seen in the tittle I apologies for not posting probably everyone's favorite segment on this blog Fan Fiction Friday. I don't know what it is, but I just don't do it... Alright, all I'm asking for my spectacular viewers is to bare with … Continue reading I’m Sorry