Silver Raptor’s Top 5 Favorite Fan Blogs

Alright, you guys may be confused by the title because you see my name there instead of Fierce Flyer's, Well let me clear things up for the people who don't know. I'm Silver Raptor, or preferably Agent Raptor, I'm training to become a full-time Spy for the HQ, I'm from Spy Island if you haven't … Continue reading Silver Raptor’s Top 5 Favorite Fan Blogs


Fan Fiction Friday Chapter 5: Rescue

Chapter 5: Rescue “We’re here!” They both said. “Kids!?” Silver Raptor gasped “Correction, pre-teen.” Red Rider responded, “Yeah, I’m pretty much a kid…” Smart Flame said as he shrugged. This can’t be happening, we’re all going to get captured now! I thought these were experienced agents, not amatures… like me. “What’s the plan? You are in charge right?” Silver … Continue reading Fan Fiction Friday Chapter 5: Rescue

I’m Sorry

Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here bringing you a brand new post. As seen in the tittle I apologies for not posting probably everyone's favorite segment on this blog Fan Fiction Friday. I don't know what it is, but I just don't do it... Alright, all I'm asking for my spectacular viewers is to bare with … Continue reading I’m Sorry