Hey Everyone Fierce Flyer here and welcome to a new post on the FFA! Today the creators announced February’s IOTM, one of which was voted by fellow Poptropicans, Reality TV and Escape From Pelican Rock! As always 1st time finishers get 500 credits and repeaters get 300.                                                             ejw1wcksgiaaanb_4c6ils43a2qiisnb0goqycggey6hpn_v1hsfmlwnsihue-dtjodiocsmrb2zpzk2w9brzhz5obtgg_mecj752ywmoptrjd7dawyiipcqt6ar7fyzpbkrk1hw8qq0ytyhucjtebic9xjgoimtfa14wwlij1cgqxjeud1kjaxtuenq8p0bnt8xpg

So hurry and grab those credits that you rightfully deserve and go on a shopping spree, of course if you want to. I’ll see you guys next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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