Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to Artistic Monday…on a Wednesday. Look, I’m sorry, I haven’t been doing much on my blog lately and need to get back in the flow of things. I have no excuse for not posting and I just ended up skipping days to do other things. This will hopefully be a start for future posts on this blog. Anyway, how do you like the new logo for AM? Personally, I like it better than the old one, this one seems more artistic as the other one seemed futuristic and techy, tell me what you think in the comments! Otherwise, hope you enjoy Artistic Monday!

Lucky Wing requested: Can you draw my cat, Smores?

Got it, here it is!


Tada! Using the resource I got from LW I was able to remake her cat as accurate as possible (Well at least I hope I did).

The process of making this:

The first step I always do before making a drawing digitally is come up with a rough sketch using sharp and light strokes, constructing the cat’s main features such as the ears, the shape of the head, where the nose/muzzle should be along with their eyes and stuff like that. Don’t worry, when I was (really) bad ant drawing and looked up tutorials I found no logic in doing rough sketches until I tried it for myself. The tip that persuaded me into doing so was the fact that doing a sketch before will show you where you want to display the pose, the body mechanics, where they’re turning and so on. Anyway, after the sketch, I chose a slightly thick brush to start my line art, basically showing where everything would look like in my finished process. Afterward, I’d get a smaller brush and basically trace the inside of the thicker brush. (Also, I used opacity to lower the density of the sketch and the first lineart so it was easier to see what I was doing) Once I’m done tracing I then color it in from a new layer behind everything, I also delete the two sketches pre-hand. Once coloring is done the last step is shading and lighting (discluding the background) which is, in my opinion, one of the best parts. depending on which time of day or setting you’re character’s in you have to shade and lighten realistically. Well, that’s basically all, hope this in some way helped you understand the process more for digital art! If you’d like to send in your own request down below are the rules for joining!

Rules in Submitting a Requests

You can ask suggestions in the Comments below or just DM me on discord!

You may also request anything, just keep it kid friendly, it doesn’t have to be Poptropica-related 

You must request before Friday, After 11:59 p.m. Thursday I will no longer take request until next Monday. I will then spin a wheel deciding which lucky one will have their art on this blog!

Hope you poptropicans have an awesome rest of your evening as I’ll see you next time, remember to…


Fierce Flyer out!


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