Hello everyone Fierce here and welcome to Triple F (Fan Fiction Friday)! today I couldn’t afford to miss another one so due to shortage of time I did part 1. I’ve been feeling sick for the past few days but slowly I’m recovering, hope you guys understand…


“We’re here!” They both said. “Kids!?” Silver Raptor gasped “Correction, pre-teen.” Red Rider responded, “Yeah, I’m pretty much a kid…” Smart Flame said as he shrugged. This can’t be happening, we’re all going to get captured now! I thought these were experienced agents, not amatures… like me. “What’s the plan? You are in charge right?” Silver Raptor didn’t respond to Agent Rider’s question, instead he put on his shades and crossed his arms. “I think it’s best if you guys stay here, this is a one man mission.” “No it isn’t, Director Flyer sent us for a reason, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to sit back and watch you fail miserably.” Red Rider remarked. “Yeah I agree, give us a chance and you won’t regret it.” Smart Flame added. “…Fine…” Silver Raptor sighed as he grumpily dragged himself towards the ventilation system. “Priority number one is to rescue that patrol and if possible take down Spiky Flame.” Smart Flame quickly said as he took the lead in front of Silver Raptor, “If we hurry we can still reach Brave Lizard and Happy Boa!” “Agent Flame is right, if it’s anytime to pick up the slack it’s now. Come on Silver Raptor!”


Hope you guys enjoyed this small sneak peak or part one, which ever word you prefer and I’ll see you next time, Bye!

-Fierce Flyer out!


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