Hey guys Fierce Flyer here and welcome to another post for… Artistic Tuesday! I mean, Monday… Sadly yesterday I was unable to get the pictures in because my mom left here computer at school. Yeah, mistakes happen but hopefully I can make up for it with… a double! That’s right dos Pictures coming your way, both suggested by Lucky Wing! Director D. Yelling angrily and LW in Spy uniform, here it is:

DD LW.png

Tada! 2 cool poptropicans! What do you guys think comment down below! personally Director looks AWESOME and I’m honestly surprised at how well LW turned out, I was like “How am I going to do this hair?..” 60 seconds later, “Ugh! Same Layer :|” *Restarts hair* Heh, yeah it was a struggle but I like how it turned out, if you want to submit your own art suggestion follow the instructions below.

Rules in Submitting a Requests

You can ask suggestions in the Comments below or just DM me on discord!

You may also request anything, just keep it kid friendly, it doesn’t have to be Poptropica related 

You must request before Friday, After 11:59 p.m. Thursday I will no longer take request until next Monday. I will then spin a wheel deciding which lucky one will have their art on this blog!

That is all for now folks, as always Fly Fierce and I’ll see you next post, Fierce Flyer out!cropped-coollogo_com-258071532.png



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