Chapter 5: Rescue

“We’re here!” They both said. “Kids!?” Silver Raptor gasped “Correction, pre-teen.” Red Rider responded, “Yeah, I’m pretty much a kid…” Smart Flame said as he shrugged. This can’t be happening, we’re all going to get captured now! I thought these were experienced agents, not amatures… like me. “What’s the plan? You are in charge right?” Silver Raptor didn’t respond to Agent Rider’s question, instead he put on his shades and crossed his arms. “I think it’s best if you guys stay here, this is a one man mission.” “No it isn’t, Director Flyer sent us for a reason, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to sit back and watch you fail miserably.” Red Rider remarked. “Yeah I agree, give us a chance and you won’t regret it.” Smart Flame added. “…Fine…” Silver Raptor sighed as he grumpily dragged himself towards the ventilation system. “Priority number one is to rescue that patrol and if possible take down Spiky Flame.” Smart Flame quickly said as he took the lead in front of Silver Raptor, “If we hurry we can still reach Brave Lizard and Happy Boa!” “Agent Flame is right, if it’s anytime to pick up the slack it’s now. Come on Silver Raptor!” Maybe it’s not going to be so bad, just focus on the real problem. “Alright then, let’s stop a kidnapper.” Silver Raptor smirked as he fell in behind the other agents. The agents swiftly made their way through the vents hoping to get out of the enclosed space, “hope you’re not claustrophobic.” Red Rider remarked, “I’m just confused as to why these vents aren’t ending, you think we would be out by now…” “Smart Flame has a point, we need to somehow get further in the vents and quicker.” Silver Raptor whispered. Smart Flame nodded as he put on his grappling bow tie from his inventory and tried to drag himself forward using it. He flung himself further then hopped as he zipped out of sight. a few seconds later he called, “It works! Come quick!” he shouted Red Rider and Silver Raptor exchanged glances and just as Smart Flame did they zoomed forward crashing their head on the vent. “Ow! Couldn’t you have warned us that we were going to get a concussion at the end!?” Agent Rider exclaimed, “It wouldn’t be funny though.” Smart Flame said as he smirked. “Guys this is the way out. move quietly.” Silver Raptor said as he slowly took out his laser pen and worked its magic. “There, follow me.” The three agents slipped out the vents and were greeted by two B.A.D. guards, “Hey! Get them!” one of them immediately scolded. “Go!” Silver Raptor ordered, “I think otherwise, attack them!” you’d think a B.A.D. soldier would say that but the words were from Red Rider who already leaped towards a B.A.D. guard. “What are you doing?!” Smart Flame called. “My job.”

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