Whats going on ladies and gentleman, Fierce Flyer here, and as seen in the title you may be wondering

You: Oh cool! New segment.

Well, yeah that’s pretty much what it is… JK, let us get more in depth with this segment shall we?

I’ve been thinking about this for a long while now (by long while I mean 5 minutes ago) about creating a new segment on the blog, Q&A Saturday! Saturday is my all time favorite day of the week and what better way to get it started by doing a Q&A session. Starting next week I will take any questions, personal (not too personal), Poptropica related, or just random questions from you awesome people! Whether it’s from Discord or in the comments I’ll use it (you may also submit more than 1 question, the limit is 3 questions in total)! You may start asking requests in the comments or as said, DM me on Discord. below is the logo btw…


So make sure to also tag your comments with #Q&A, example: Do you like dancing? #Q&A

I can’t wait to start answering those questions of yours, so you can get to know me slightly better. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions, I’ll answer ALL of them, I repeat, all.

Have an amazing rest of your day guys, as always,coollogo_com-308571197

  And I’ll see you next post, Fierce Flyer out!


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