Chapter 6: Attack!

“Guys this is the way out. move quietly.” Silver Raptor said as he slowly took out his laser pen and worked its magic. “There, follow me.” The three agents slipped out the vents and were greeted by two B.A.D. guards, “Hey! Get them!” one of them immediately scolded. “Go!” Silver Raptor ordered, “I think otherwise, attack them!” you’d think a B.A.D. soldier would say that but the words were from Red Rider who already leaped towards a B.A.D. guard. “What are you doing?!” Smart Flame called. “My job.” With that agent rider extended her leg and precicely kicked the bad soldier in his stomach, Wow. Silver Raptor thought, “change of plans I guess.” He said as he pulled out a laser blaster. “Don’t let them trigger an alarm!” Smart Flame shouted. “Alright then, let’s get into action.” Agent Raptor declared with a smirk. The B.A.D. agents regrouped and double teamed everyone, expressionless they ran towards Silver Raptor and Silver Raptor did the same, only he slid towards them, knocking both of them off their feet, “ha, Strike!” He boasted, suddenly both of them got right back up read to fire their lasers towards Silver Raptor. Smart Flame noticing this before agent raptor, used his grappling bowtie to wrap them up and fling them towards himself, then he leaped up in the air and gave a firm thrust kick, knocking both soldiers to the ground, “I think you mean spare, dude.” Smart Flame corrected, “I’ll take it.” Silver Raptor remarked, “ugh, quit it with the bowling puns.” Red Rider rolled her eye’s, “What? Their fun.” Smart Flame chuckled, “You know what isn’t fun? Gutter balls!” Everyone fell silent in the room including the B.A.D. agents who stared at Silver Raptor awkwardly, “Was it that bad?” He asked. “Yeeaah, it was bad.” suddenly a screeching alarm ringed around the base, “Man! We set off an alarm.” Smart Flame stomped. “No, Silver Raptor did with his terrible pun.” Red Rider added. “That is not true!” Silver Raptor disagreed as he crossed his arms. “We don’t have time to throw anyone under the bus, we need to g-” “You’re not going anywhere!” As Silver Raptor turned around he fell in shock, there he was, Spikey Flame, The leader of the B.A.D.!

Hope you enjoyed Fan Fiction Friday, as always,


And I’ll see next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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