Alright, you guys may be confused by the title because you see my name there instead of Fierce Flyer’s, Well let me clear things up for the people who don’t know. I’m Silver Raptor, or preferably Agent Raptor, I’m training to become a full-time Spy for the HQ, I’m from Spy Island if you haven’t figured out already, I’m 16 years old and I’m apparently from a Fan Fiction… Alright I’m stalling, Let’s get started with this post.

SR: This is strictly my opinion not Fierce Flyer’s, I’ll give my input for each blog and why I chose it.

#5 Tall Cactus’ Pop Blog

Tall Cactus’ blog is as original as it gets, it’s honestly really good, her posts are great when it comes to grammar and I can relate to her opinions, I can see her becoming an author for the PHB if a spot opens up!

#4 Sporty Boa Blog

I’m not being biased here, this is just a great blog deserving of this spot! His Top 10 and 5 posts take a lot of effort and he works hard on them, and the results are progressing way more faster than Fierce Flyer did when he first started, I love viewing his blog every chance he posts, props to the Boa.

#3 Poptropica Help Blog

The PHB is the most popular blog in almost everyone’s opinion, I’m one of those people, I just love to read posts from the PHB, Whether it’s Meme Face Monday, MPIP, Or just news in general, I quickly click on it on my followed sites and enjoy the post.

#2 Lucky Wing’s Blog o’ Fun!!

Lucky Wing’s blog is great because of her optimistic spirit, her posts are fun to read and whenever I see one I automatically like it. Her fan fiction is also amazing and I love to read that too, Her blog can put anyone in a good mood!

#1 Clawtropica

Clawtropica is a blog ran by Purple Claw with side authors G-Hopper, Hyper Gamer, Happy Lobster, Brave Hero, & Lucky Wing. This blog is my #1 news source besides the Creators Blog, I love to view this blog for the amazing posts they make, a lot of effort goes into each post and It shows that when I read, keep up the work PC!

Of course there are a lot more blogs out there including,

Brainy Pop Blog


Poptropica Flyers Blog

The Poptastic Blog

A Quota of Poptropica

People of Poptropica

Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans

Smart Poptropica

Silver Raptor: And still a lot more! Thanks for tuning in on my top 5 favorite fan blogs. Wish me luck versus Spiky Flame guys, bye guys!


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