Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to the first ever Q&A Saturday where I will answer any questions you may have! whether it’s personal (not too personal ;)) Poptropica related, things I like, or just anything random, I’ll answer them! Let’s get started then! 

Question #1: Lucky Wing: What is your favorite movie? #Q&A

Answer: My favorite movie would have to be Zootopia, or for the people overseas Zootropolis! In my opinion this movie was amazing, it’s about a world where predators and prey exist peacefully, and the protagonist, Judy Hopps’ dreams was to be a police officer, however there has never been a bunny cop so she is attempting the “impossible” some would say. Despite finishing top of her class, she’s assigned the role as writing parking tickets (smh). Anyway, I won’t get too much in detail because there’s still a lot more questions, but I highly suggest you see the movie if you haven’t already, it’s on BlueRay and DVD.

Question #2: Red Rider: What’s your opinions on poptropicans not having necks? #Q&A

Lol, the old neck question, alright my opinion is… Their necks are either invisible, or two negative magnets are connected to the bottom of their heads and the top of their torso. However if you look closely, you’re poptropican’s head slightly bobs up and down which could support my second theory, I won’t get too deep into this theory but I could possibly make a post, you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

Question #3 Lucky Wing: What is your favorite TV Show? #Q&A

Hmm, this is a hard one between Sonic Boom and Ninjago. Sonic Boom is basically staring an animated TV show around Sonic (you know the blue hedgehog that runs crazy fast) and his gang, Tails the Fox, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose (hedgehog as well), and Sticks the badger. This show is incredibly funny and always cracks me up when I need it. Wait, new episode today? Yes! Lego Ninjago, a show about a group of Ninjas with elemental powers, trying to protect the land of Ninjago from evil. The main characters are: Kai, Ninja of Fire, Jay, Ninja of Lightning, Zane, Ninja of Ice, Cole, Ninja of Earth and of course Lloyd, the ultimate spinjitzu master. Yeah it’s pretty awesome, it has laughs, action, and a story, which I absolutely love out of a show! New season this month? Yes!

Question #4 Purple Claw: What is your favorite Poptropica Island? #Q&A

Okay, this one is super hard! I honestly don’t know! However I’ll give you a few that I like, Night Watch! I love the idea of being a mall cop and watching out for crime! Imagine in a mall alone, I’d run around and go crazy, it’s a mall for crying out loud! Another one I like is Mystery Train, it’s just so much fun collecting clues to solve a mystery, and the final battle is EPIC, just EPIC.

Question #5 Lucky Wing: What is your favorite book? #Q&A

I’m scared to answer this one because if I start talking about a book, you can’t shut me up… alright, here it goes. Wings of Fire! Technically it’s not a book, it’s a book series, I just love each book in the series! First off each book is about a specific character and their POV. The main characters are Clay, Starflight (my favorite), Sunny, Tsunami, and Glory. Oh I should probably tell you the series are about dragons, not humans riding on them, real, actual, living, alive, Dragons. There are 6 different Dragons I think, Mud Wings (Clay), Night Wings (Starflight!), Rain Wings (Glory), Sea Wings (Tsunami), Sand Wings (Sunny), and the Sky Wings, each tribe has special abilities that they can use to help them thrive in the world of Phyria. It’s very diverse and awesome and I really, really, really, suggest you read it!

 Alright, hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Q&A Saturday, to submit your own question just put the #Q&A after any question and I’ll answer it, you are allowed to 3 submissions in total, example: Who’s your favorite sports player? #Q&A. The questions can be Poptropica or non Poptropica related, ask away!

as always,


and I’ll see you in my next post, Fierce Flyer out!


7 thoughts on “Why Don’t Poptropicans have Necks!? Q&A Saturday #1

  1. I have two questions for you: 1) If you could be any superhero (from DC comics or Marvel) who would you be? 2) Would you like me to draw your poptropican as that superhero? (I would post it on my blog and send you a copy) #Q&A

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