Hey guys Fierce Flyer here, and welcome to a rather different post about the time I got my entire class to play Poptropica. First off I got inspiration from Young Storm, who just created her own blog, and it looks like the next big thing, check it out and give her support here: https://popwireblog.wordpress.com/ . Alright let us begin!

It was somewhere between the year 2010-2011, when I entered the first grade, my sister was always playing Poptropica and me and my bro, watched intensely as the mysteries got more and more exciting, like most schools we had “specials” one week we would go to P.E. or maybe Art, or one of my favorites, Library (is that even a special??), but there was even more specials, one of which being… Technology! We all had an hour to complete as much lessons as possible on Star Fall, or Compass learning (how do I remember this kind of stuff?) I being one of the smartest kids in class got those lame assignments done in 15-20 minutes so I thought, ‘why don’t I play poptropica, I still got like 40 minutes left of Technology!’ So I did, I played Time Tangled Island because, why not! At the time I was also playing with Fierce Flyer, so that was crazy how I remembered my 1st grader minded username. My teacher, let’s call her Mrs. Kendall, was super nice, so the chances of her getting upset with me was a 50/50 chance. She was walking around the classroom checking on students and soon made her way towards me. Since I was immersed in the Poptropica game I didn’t notice her so when she said, ‘what’s this?’ I practically jumped out of my seat. ‘I tried explaining to her that I finished my work and decided to play an educational game, which it kinda was, luckily I was playing the most educational Island, So I showed her the watch item and acted like I was learning about Lewis and Clark. *Face Palm* I wasn’t the brightest when it came to common sense, but hey, I was let off the hook, I could continue to play!aw-yea

About 2 days later, I asked Mrs. Kendall if I could play Poptropica, she said I could if I finished all my work (which I did ⌐□_□). So I played Pop again, but this time my friend, let’s call him Blake, Blake eavesdropped on my Computer and said ‘ooooooooooh, Fierce Flyer’s in trooouuuuble!’ *cough* *cough* Shut up *cough* I ended up not getting in troooouuuble because I had permission, but Blake decided to do what I did after he came back from tattle tailing, ‘what are you playing?’ I thought, why would I tell you, my poptropica life would’ve been ruined 4 ever! however I said ‘Poptropica.’ He then decided to play as well, even though I don’t think he finished his work. The next day word got around about, Poptropica, and soon when everyone was done with their studies, Poptropica would be everywhere, everyone was playing it! I helped a few students on how to play, and it was awesome! The week ended which meant, no more technology.

A few weeks later, Technology was back and after everyone finished their work, it was POP time! I quickly typed in, poptropica.com, and clicked the link, only to be greeted by a weird screen that said, this page has been blocked, ‘Oh heck no!!’ yep, it was gone, no more watching my sister play, no more enjoying poptropica at my school, it was over for the rest of my years at that school *sobs*…

So either I ruined Poptropica for half of my school or the principal was a blocking ninja, I never played that game for a LONG time. Well, hope you enjoyed my story of how I got my entire squad playing Poptropica, and how I convinced my teacher to allow us to play, sorry it had to end so sad, but good things don’t last for ever… unless you persevere and do the best that you can to succeed, remember kids, never give up, keep persevering on your goals and one day you’ll be the next BIG thing, it all starts with you and yes, education… but mostly you!

As always


And I’ll see you next time! Fierce Flyer out!


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