Hey guys Fierce Flyer here and welcome to another post regarding some of my recent art! As most of you know I posted another one of these quite a while back called Art (yep that was all, just Art) So I thought I’d do it again… and named it Art 2. Regardless I’ve been drawing a lot lately so I thought I’d show you guys! Here it goes (I’ll showcase 3 drawings and explain them all).


Alright this might be pretty confusing at first, but allow me to break it down! Have any of you read the novel Warrior Cats? (it’s pretty good) I thought, what if they weren’t cats and were humans! Thus Warriors came along, at first it was kinda like medieval days, there where four clans Lightning, Fire, Shadow, and Ice, mostly centered around Shock Fist or something, future leader or Lightning Clan. A couple of months ago I thought, ‘what if there was futuristic warriors?’ thus, this came along, a more high-tech civilization then they used to be, still going by king and queen the story now focuses on the prince Cyan, his younger brother Cyrus, is also in line for the throne, but who will get it? (Up there is just a random soldier for Lightning Clan).


 I love this picture soooooo much! It has to be the best art I ever drew. Alright, allow me to explain. This here is a Ninjago OC, but it’s a little more difficult. You see me and my brother still love to playing with legos and many years ago we made our own “show” called Masters, as in elemental masters. We’ve done tons of seasons maybe about 16 in the past few years, maybe even more! The main characters of the first few seasons were, Flame, Bolt, Rock, & Frost (we were young when we named them, don’t judge) And later on two more Masters came along, Wave and Wind (Still young) and lately new additions, Spark and Ash. Flame is the leader (the one in the picture) if you haven’t noticed as well he’s the master of Fire. This picture takes place from our latest season, Sword of Syrac, basically the masters travel to an alternate dimension to stop the evil vortex from shifting balance between both worlds, this picture is in the finale when vortex gains the sword of syrac and is crumbling Syrac itself until it’s just rocks floating in space. There’s still more to the story but it’ll be complicated to explain, just a brother thing ya know. Enjoy!

Spike of Speed.png

It’s Speedy Spike! You probably know him from Super Power Island which is an IOTM in case you don’t know. Pretty much in this picture I drew him speeding away from the police or the bank or whatever, as you can see he has a bag filled with cash and a menacing look to go along with it.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed this Art Update! Make sure to tell me in the comments down below which one is your favorite? The Futuristic Warrior, Flame in a destroyed Syrac, or Speedy Spike, be the judge!

as always,


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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