Hey there guys, Fierce Flyer here, welcome back to a brand new Artistic Wedne-Monday, heh… Alright first and foremost sorry for the delay on the segment, it’s about time I got back on track! So without further distraction lego 😉

Lucky Wing suggested, drawing her Ninjago OC,  Lego Ninjago is a show on cartoon network that I absolutely enjoy, as said on my Q&A Saturday it’s my favorite show. Here it is! LWING.png I’m pretty happy as to how it turned out, let me give you guys the scoop on the details! The original design as seen here is actually the ninja’s first season uniforms, I just added a little touch to it, the color scheme is purple, green, and a little bit of white. Purple is the majority because, well, she’s the purple ninja, the green indicates the lucky in her name lucky wing, that’s also why the clover is there. I just added white because, why not! Her element is wind so I drew her using that power and multi-tasking with the nunchucks, I chose the nunchucks because, like the ninja of lightning jay (who also has nunchucks, she’s very optimistic and kind. I drew mountains in the background because again, why not! Well hope you enjoyed that drawing, because I may be able to do one for you! All you need to know is down below!

Rules in Submitting a Requests

You can ask suggestions in the Comments below or just DM me on discord!

You may also request anything, just keep it kid friendly, it doesn’t have to be Poptropica related 

You must request before Friday, After 11:59 p.m. Thursday I will no longer take request until next Monday. I will then spin a wheel deciding which lucky one will have their art on this blog!

As always,


and I’ll see you next time! Fierce Flyer out!


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