Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to another post regarding my latest absence from the “blogging world”. I’ve been sick, again. And it has not been fun at all for me. however, I’m back! I may still have a small headache but I’m ready to post on the regular again, heads-up Fan Fiction Friday may not be out this week due to lack of time, but there will be a surprise coming this Friday and it has something to do with the triple F finale! So stay tuned for that this week. also Q&A Saturday is on the way, so make sure to send your questions to this post here: https://fierceflyerblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/04/qa_saturday_/ so far I only have two asked by Young Storm, make sure to read the rules at the end of the post so there is no confusion. Alright then, on a brighter note I reached 30 followers on Twitter! Yay! Facebook was where it all started but I moved to twitter where I’d soon grow more into the Poptropica community and create my own blog. So thanks to those 30 few who followed me. Below is my 3rd ever picture created for the #Poptropicaart contest (facepalm) I submitted that from FaceBook.


Ah, the memories… Anyways thank you for tuning in and get ready to tune in some more later on the FFA.

As always


and I’ll see you next time


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