Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here, back with another Q&A sesh for you guy’s entertainment! Last week’s episode I discussed my favorite TV Show, my favorite movie, why I thought poptropicans didn’t have necks, my favorite island, and my favorite book. Phew. Well, I don’t know about you but I think this series is off to an awesome start with all the contributions you guys have been putting in, today we have 3 requests for me to answer, so without further ado let’s begin!


#1 Young Storm: Who is your favorite Marvel or DC hero?

Wow, great question! I have quite a few actually, mostly in Marvel though. I follow on Marvel every now and then to see what new movies are coming out or if there are any new heroes. I like the hero Captain America, I know it’s kinda cliche but not as normal of hearing spiderman as a favorite. Cap has a daring and brave personality, I always think of him as the leader of the Avengers instead of Tony Stark (I’m still confused as to who’s leader…) The only Marvel movie I saw in actual Theatre or Cinema was Captain America: Civil War which was rated PG-13. I was 11 at the time. That’s just how hardcore I amdownload. I went with my bro and a friend and it. was. lit. First of all, our seats could recline so I just leaned back in my chair the entire time drinking sprite and eating popcorn. I just can’t begin to explain how great of an experience it was going to the movies to watch my favorite marvel hero kick butt. And as most of you know, your friendly neighborhood spiderman was in the movie making it a whole lot better! For DC I like Green Lantern and the Flash. I don’t know why I just think they’re cool.

#2 Sporty Boa: What is your least favorite food?

*Gulp* Honestly, I’m not the one to turn down food, because I love food! I mean, who doesn’t? But yes, there are certain things on my plate that I will not eat… like beats:Image result for beets fruit I keep on getting reminded, ‘but they’re so healthy for you!’ Sorry to break it to you, I can’t stand them, I know some people who enjoy them, like my mom, and my sister, but I’m pretty sure most others don’t like them as well. Just my opinion on beats.


#3 Young Storm: If you could be any Marvel or DC hero, who would it be?

This was supposed to be the original question but I misread it and thought it was just which one is my favorite hero (Question #1) but why not include both of them, they’re both great questions. Anyway, If I could be any hero I would want to be… Quick Silver! There are so many amazing heroes out there in the Marvel universe with great abilities like Thor, Scarlet Witch, Dare Devil, Human Torch, and of course hundreds of more. But personally, the power of speed is something I always loved, whenever I had P.E. I would hop out of my seat and race to the door because whenever we went out to Physical Education, we ran laps, and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, imagine me taking 2-3 seconds to do that and then wait at the end smirking and yawning. Not only that but who needs to wait for the school bus, heck, who needs to wait period? I got speed. So… yeah speed is my power!

#4 Young Storm: Would you like me to draw you as that Marvel superhero?

Sure… but could you draw me as Captain America? Thanks! 😀


Well guys, hope you enjoyed this Q&A Saturday post. If you want to give support drop a like and comment if you have any similar opinions with me, also if you’d like to suggest a question yourself, it’s easy. To submit your own question just put the #Q&A after any question and I’ll answer it, you are allowed to 3 submissions in total, example: Who’s your favorite Youtuber? #Q&A. The questions can be Poptropica or non-Poptropica related, so ask away! Just so guys know, my job is to create as much interesting post that will come to you, the reader’s, appeal so let me know if there is a specific post you’d like me to do, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Also last and totally not least I will be giving blogs shoutouts up until March 25th, Small Blog Appreciation Day. Tall Cactus has planned a day where, well, smaller blogs will be able to shine. I still consider this blog small, but I’m ecstatic at how far it’s come in the community, If your blog gets a shout-out don’t be offended, in fact, I’m not sure “small blog” is the right term to use, How about… Poptropica Blog *thumbs up*  so the shout-out for today is going to… https://smartpoptropica.wordpress.com/ Smartropica! Check it out using the link. #PopBlogsMatter #SaveTheCommunity

as always,


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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