Hey there guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome back to another blog shoutout! As always show your support by dropping a like and commenting on the post (I sound like a YouTuber). Last week’s shoutout I gave was to the Poptropica Flyers Blog you can check out the post here: https://fierceflyerblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/19/blog-shoutout-2/ alright, without further ado, let us begin!

Today’s shout-out blog will feature… The Brainy Pop Blog! This Poptropica blog is run by G-Hopper a young talented Poptroica blogger who posts the latest news and content on his blog. His poptropican’s name is Cuddly Brain, fellow authors Lucky Wing and Smart Flame help out on his blog, overall this blog is awesome! With daily segments Find G Friday and Poptropica Stories, it really brings the blog to life, I highly suggest you check it out when you get the chance, because the next post they make, you know I’ll be there liking and commenting.

Well Thank you for tuning in for the daily blog shout-out, I’m doing this every day up until March 25th Poptropica Blog Awareness Day, so don’t worry if you didn’t get a shout-out yet, your blog will be coming soon. As for me, I gotta go, signature signoff time… you know what, let’s change it up this time. How about this…

As always don’t forget to

Image by FlamingText.com

and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!



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