Hey there poptropicans, it’s me Fierce Flyer back again with another b-b-blog shout-out! If you’re new, here are the rules to clear your confusion. For the rest of March, I shall be giving shout-outs to underrated blogs that may not get the credit they deserve, yesterday was the Sporty Boa Blog! If you’d like to see that post click here, so without further delay shall we begin?

Today’s epic blog will be drumroll please…oh right, no drums…I guess just give a round of applause for… Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot! This blog is owned by Trusty Bear a.k.a. DJVampi and established sometime early in September. This blog has great interesting content, whenever I see a post I don’t hesitate to quickly read it. Probably my favorite segment on that blog is What on What Wednesday, IDK why but it’s fun to see poptropican’s heads on different objects! So if you haven’t before, check out his blog and possibly follow!

Alright, hope you enjoyed today’s Blog Shout-out, show your support by dropping a like and checking out the TBPH for interesting content frequently.

as always,


and I’ll see you tomorrow, Fierce out!


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