Previously: “Guys! I realized something!” It was Smart Flame’s voice, echoing around the dim prison, “well, what did you find?” Red Rider asked, “you know how they took our gadgets? They left one behind! My grappling bow tie.” then he added with a whisper, “But we have to stay quiet, this is our only chance of escape.” the others nodded knowing that this was true, they needed to devise a plan, one that can help them escape from the darkness, and bring Spiky Flame down.


A crisp cold breeze drifted across the dungeon sending chills down Silver Raptor’s spine. The thought and possibility of the three young agents facing off against hundreds of B.A.D. agents and a hostile Spiky Flame made him tremble in fear, not to mention the fact of the other captured agents being dead didn’t help the situation either. Their only hope of escape relied on that one grappling bowtie fastened to smart flame’s suit. How is a grappling hook going to help us escape anyway? Silver Raptor blankly thought. To him, it seemed like the whole fate of the island rested on their shoulders, their small, weak, shoulders. “Anyone came up with something yet?” Red Rider said breaking the silence, “no… if only there was a way to just… bust through that door!” Smart Flame groaned. Silver Raptor stayed silent the cold air was brushing past him like a snow storm… wait. Air… or the wind? “Guys! Do you feel that?” Silver Raptor burst with a grin on his face. “Feel what?” Red Rider asked. Smart Flame nodded, “Yeah, I don’t feel anything unless feeling extremely nervous counts.” “Don’t you feel that breeze?” Silver Raptor wondered. “Oh yeah, what about it-” Smart Flame stopped. “Oooh! That means there’s either a vent or a window around here!” He exclaimed. “Exactly! And shhh.” “Right. We need to find that vent or window…” Smart Flame responded whispering. Red Rider nodded and added, “let’s follow that breeze.” “glad we’re all on the same page, split up so we can cover more ground.” Silver Raptor ordered. The others nodded glancing at different directions, “I’ll go this way.” Red Rider spoke as she hurried east of their original spot. “Alright then, I’ll go where the air current is strongest.” Smart Flame then walked north towards the breeze. “I’ll stay here just in case.” Silver Raptor watched as both agents disappeared into the shadows. Silver Raptor smiled, at last, he had hope. maybe just a sliver of it but none the less hope is hope. And as he stood back up he smelt something odd. There was a musky scent coming from the door as if a pile of debris was dumped right in that spot, oh no, they’re checking on us! “Guys stop what you’re doing and-” Silver Raptor was cut off by an annoying creaking noise sounding from the dungeon doors, Hide! Silver Raptor sprung forward crashing into a tight corner of the room, “Hello? Anyone here?” The B.A.D. agent chuckled as his voice echoed around the large dim room. “Agent Silver, what’s up?” Red Rider asked as she comes towards the door, No, she’s going to get caught! Silver Raptor peered over the corner of the room noticing Smart Flame coming towards the door as well. “Guys stop!” Silver Raptor leaped from the dense corner he was hiding in and bolted towards the two agents. It was too late three B.A.D. agents stormed the room towards Smart Flame and Red Rider, “Who are you and what are you doing here?!” The voice said. “wait…” Silver Raptor looked up and beamed with joy, “Brave Lizard, Happy Boa!” He exclaimed, “it’s actually you!” Behind them a shadow appeared, he was tall and had the most expressionless face he’d ever seen, Deputy of the agency, they found him. Smart Flame stared confused, “Hold on, you know these poptropicans?” “Yes, they’re the main reason why we’re here and-” Silver Raptor paused as he examined the fact that the three agents walked in the dungeon door without any B.A.D. agents around them. Red Rider  must’ve noticed it as well as she piped in quickly to question them, “You guys just, opened the door! How?” Happy Boa stepped forward and out of her pocket she pulled out a lockpick, “I never leave HQ without it.” Brave Lizard added in seriously, “There’s lots to tell but very little time to tell it… We’re stopping Spiky Flame’s plan tonight, because if we don’t,” He started looking back at the slightly opened door, “they’ll raid the Spy HQ, and then the Island.”

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