Hey everyone Fierce Flyer here and welcome back to an important post regarding Triple F’s Finale. As seen in the title, Silver Raptor will be hosting a party for the final chapter of his Spy Island adventure! So Agent Raptor, take it away.

Thank you, Fierce! Let’s right away go into some…lit-logo

First things first, the party will be held this Friday a.k.a. March 31st before April fools day. The time will be at 7:30 PM EST, 4:30 PM PDT, 5:30 PM MDT, If you need a time converter use this: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

Not only will there be a Party, but the last Chapter of Fan Fiction Friday will come out during the party. Also, we’ll have a mini Awards Ceremony survey basically recapping your favorite parts of the series, your favorite character, best moment etc. Sadly Director Fierce cannot make it, but luckily, I can! Therefore I shall be your host Director Raptor! misty

Alright, I hope to see you there and get ready for an epic party, Silver Raptor’s signing out, Bye guys!

-SR & FF


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