Hello guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to Monthly Memory, Where every month I’ll share an interesting story I had with playing the wonderful game of Poptropica! Before I begin I’d like you to check out my last one where I got my entire class to play Poptropica, you can find that by clicking the link here! Alright, let’s go!


~The Story of How I got Introduced Into the Community~

It started in the month of October when I opened up ms paint and thought hmm, Maybe I should draw a poptropican. In that time I’ve never done fan art of Poptropica. Ever. But hey, You’ve got to start somewhere, right? So thus became the progress of my first Poptropica Fanart… on ms paint. Yeah, in case you’re wondering it was… bad, so bad that I’m actually having second thoughts on showing you… heck, here it is.


The cringe! (probably will do a redraw of this… garbage, I mean art someday)  Heh, anyway I remember recently seeing a Poptropica art contest for Poptropica and as the month was winding down (and the contest) I thought I would submit this, little did I know this sparked something for me. Something great.

I submitted two more pictures for the contest and hoped for the best, as you probably guessed, I lost, what a surprise! Of course, I felt deflated because at the time I put a lot of effort and time into the three pictures and not seeing them even qualify was sad. However looking back at this I realize just how far I’ve come when it comes to art. Alright back on topic, The art contest was over and I felt no use for the facebook account I created so… I ditched it, until… A new contest arisen from the ashes! I read the blog post on the creators’ blog only to figure out you need to submit from either Twitter or Instagram or whatever. “No Facebook?? yes.” Honestly, I disliked Facebook to put it lightly, every 2 minutes there’d be a notification saying ‘Do you know this person?’ “Why would I know Tom Brady?!” So, in other words, I was thrilled to switch to Twitter! Thus my Twitter account was born, if you’ve been in my early twitter days you’d see what my real name is but since nobody knew me, You’ll never know! Maybe someday… or not. Anywho, the contest being held was the Halloween Photo Booth Challenge and I was #ready 😉 get it? hashtags on twitter… l-like trends and stuff… no? Maybe? okay…

So, I submitted tons of entries (at the time I had no idea it was randomly selected) and even made a comic! And yes, I still have it, check it.

one hundred percent.png

Not bad am I right? Along with my brother SB, we submitted over 10 entries! Oh wow! When we won I literally ran around the house in triumph pumping my fist (I also had the same reaction when Poptropica followed me) I was finally going to have a membership! So I direct messaged Poptropica waiting for the 1-month membership and about 2 or 3 days later they got back to me saying word for word. now, before Poptropica responded I wanted my brother Sporty Boa to get in on the membership but… yeah I’ll let it speak for itself. “Hey there, Your membership was applied to your account yesterday. Your name was randomly picked for the membership and we can only award the membership to the actual users whose names were picked. Have your brother enter the new #MyPoptropicaCostume contest!!!” Although my brother didn’t get a membership, he was okay with it, he said I deserved it. SB… You the real MVP. So I went on my account but… I too still didn’t have a membership. So, that was a bummer, but I didn’t get back to Poptropica because it probably went to another in need poptropican of membership. (besides, I don’t blame them for not getting my super long username) I didn’t mind not having a membership but I bet it’d be awesome if I did. Anyway, that contest was over and the costume contest was beginning to rise. As most of you know I didn’t participate in that one, but my bro did, and that was probably the beginning of his Pop community adventure.

So I was chilling one day on Twitter and found another poptropican twitter account, Purple Claw’s I’ve heard of him before but not much until that day. I decided to check out this “blog” he had linked in the description. I’m pretty sure I said “woah!” It was amazing to see news and all this cool stuff on a Poptropica fan blog, but I didn’t start a blog right away, I needed to study and learn about all kinds of different bloggers. Thus the search began! I studied and read and read and went non-stop… checking if my homework assignment got in. Yeeaah, I didn’t give it much thought until it crossed my mind again, It was the day after my birthday where I decided to create Fierce Flyer Adventures!! I created my first post that read, welcome! And guess who saw it first, PC! I once again jumped from my couch and ran around the living room about 4 times before I came back to see what he commented, “Welcome to the blogging world!” He said as I beamed with joy.

Hey, there poptropicans! Hope you enjoyed Monthly Memories because I know I did! If you want to see more content like this don’t forget to like, comment, and follow to get the latest news buzzing around Poptropica.

As always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!

PS: When I did fanart of PC/Purple Claw/Gog Master/Donatloul here’s exactly what I said: PC you are awesome

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