Guys SUPER big news here from the FFA! So important that I can’t even do an intro!! Poptropica World leaks! That’s right you heard it, an exclusive sneak-peek into the Poptropica Worlds franchise. Let us get started, shall we?

First off take a look at this!


Did you guess it? If you said Crisis Caverns then you are correct! From what I see it looks like the main street with a visitor center as the main building. There is also an arrow pointing east reading, ‘Old Reliable’ *shrug* honestly that sounds like some sort of landmark. Caldera State Park is also the name for the national park (probably a Poptropica national park) which sounds pretty awesome to me, but that’s far from it. We’ve got a lot more to discover!


Whoa, as seen in the top left corner this is a Chase scene from Poptropica! and look, There’s also the worm we saw in the earlier sneak peek! Pretty cool huh.


Another obstacle course for your poptropican, here it involves lava and once again, in the top right corner, the worm appears! I’m not gonna lie, this scene seems super intense.


Alright, this has to be my favorite pic right here, just take a look at the lighting and crystals, amazing visuals all around you! To be honest, I’m not sure as to where this ic is from, possibly we could still be in crisis caverns, or perhaps a brand new island, or even a rebooted Arabian Knights (Nights? IDK ;p) Anywho it looks awesome, can’t wait to see it in the game!


Last but not least we have a few epic items from the store! As you can see there are Wallpapers, Furniture, Devices, and more! Lots more. I don’t know about you but I’m digging the blue sofa 😉


Alright guys, hope you enjoyed that exclusive look into Poptropica worlds spoilers, but wait! Don’t click off yet, I have three brief announcements I’d like to make,

  1. Sorry for being a bit inactive, it’s just that I’ve been on spring break and wanted to cherish the days I had off of school, don’t worry I’ll be more and more active by the second, just you wait!
  2. Don’t forget to submit your art for the contest! So far I don’t have any entries but I know you guys can do it! Remember winner gets to be featured on the new Fan Fiction! (see the post here)
  3. That brings us to announcement #3… The Fan Fiction party celebration will be rescheduled to…*gulp* May 6th… please don’t get triggered yet, I have a perfect explanation to this. Due to the fact, the Art contest ends in April and the reward has something to do with Triple F, I thought I’d wait to hold the party then… sorry.


as always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce out!


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