Holy Cow!!!!!! I can’t believe it honestly, you guys mean everything to me, from viewing my blog to commenting and just being flat out incredible, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much!!!

I know when I reached 1,000 hits I said I’d do a group photo with all the requests in it, but instead, I’ll do solo pictures (not so great with group photos) for example, Purple Claw said, ‘Draw me eating a cake’ therefore I’ll draw him eating a cake (with me in it :3) and post it on my blog along with all the other suggestions stated during 1,000 hits. Deal? Great! Once again thank you guys so much for this amazing accomplishment, you guys have literally changed my life around and made it so much happier, once again, thank you!!! I’d like to thank PC, Lucky Wing, Sporty Boa, DJVampi, Smart Flame, Young Storm, Red Rider, Tall Cactus, Bendy Flyer, G-Hopper, Short Feather, Skinny Moon, and everyone else who contributed in making my day!! Thx!

As always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!!


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