Hey there poptropicans, Fierce Flyer here, and welcome back to yet another Q&A Saturday! Now, I’d like to thank all who participated in sending in their questions, if not for you guys I’d only be answering 2 questions! Alright so, if you enjoy this Q&A session make sure to check out my last one here! Also just so you know these responses might be shorter than usual due to a lot more questions than usual! Alright, enough stalling let’s go!


Question #1: DJVampiGamer: Describe how to dab in 2 steps

Ha, easy, Lean & Dab.

Question #2: Purple Claw: Do you like Club Penguin Island?

To be honest, I’ve never played Club Penguin before in my life. Of course, it was something popular that all the “cool kids” played at my old school, but I’ve never found interest to it. However, I’ve heard about it ending and the new Club Penguin Island coming. But from what I heard so far… it’s not that good… question mark?

Question #3: Sporty Boa: Besides Poptropica, what’s your favorite computer game?

Hmm… That’s pretty tough, there’s been a lot of computer games I loved to play before I was introduced to Pop, I used to go on websites, English Banana, Cool Math Games, or gamesgames.com. I played Papa’s Pizzaria games, my favorite one being the cheeseria! But for this tough question, I’ll have to go with…. Roblox!

Question #4: DJVampiGamer: How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Ah, tongue twisters. I literally spent 5 minutes just now saying those few words. OK, let’s break down this rhyme… So, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Woodchucks are beavers I believe, so the next stanza stating if a woodchuck could chuck wood doesn’t make sense since beavers knock down trees. So, Let me rephrase this “tongue twister”. How much wood can a Beaver chuck? yep, that’s pretty much what they’re asking in this question. So my answer would be: how many wood a beaver can chuck. (Man, I spent way too long on this question)

Question #5: Lucky Wing: If you got sent to a story or TV show or movie, what would you want to be sent to?

That’s an incredibly hard one to answer, to be honest, I don’t know.There are tons of shows that I enjoy and don’t get me started with books (seriously once I start talking about a certain books you’ll not be able to shut me up). I’m going to answer with a list of books, movies or TV shows that I’d like to be sent to. Books: Warrior Cats (As a cat) Wings of Fire (as a dragon) Guardians of Ga’hoole (as an owl) Dang I like animal books a lot.  Movies: Zootopia. TV Shows: Ninjago, Sonic Boom and trust me, a lot more. Nice question indeed.

Question #6: DJVampiGamer: What do you think about electric wheelchairs?

Uh… Electric wheelchairs? Sounds good to me. XD


Well guys, hope you enjoyed this Q&A Saturday post. If you want to give support drop a like and comment if you have any similar opinions with me, also if you’d like to suggest a question yourself, it’s easy. To submit your own question just put the #Q&A after any question and I’ll answer it, you are allowed to 3 submissions in total, example: Who’s your favorite Youtuber? #Q&A. The questions can be Poptropica or non-Poptropica related, so ask away!

as always


And I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


14 thoughts on “Describe How to Dab in 2 Steps?? Q&A Saturday #3

  1. I dunno how this whole thing works, but questions for the future:

    Fave song?
    Do you like gymnastics?
    Do you still have stuffed animals?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. My questions:
    Will you get a dA? (DeviantArt but it says you have to be 13+ to have one but younger peeps still have one lol)
    Are you social?
    Regular Oreos or Golden Oreos?

    Liked by 2 people

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