Hey there guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to a very important post I must discuss with you guys. However, first things first the originators of this idea were Lily and Mia, who have a blog over at Wix.com, you can see their ideas and posts here: http://thepoptropicablogg.wixsite.com/popblog/single-post/2017/05/10/Poptropicon–Can-this-dream-become-a-reality

Without further ado let’s begin as to why this would be an amazing idea!

  •  Costumes and Cosplays! 

Being able to dress up as your favorite villains and heroes from Poptropica would be AWESOME! Just think about it, you can dress up as Omegon and have a contest to see who got it most accurate (JK) But seriously, you can dress up as Dr. Hare, Ned Noodlehead, your OC or whatever you want Poptropica-related! The possibilities are endless!

  • Location, Time, Date

Alright, this is a big matter, the Location. Boston Massachusett, right? It’s only fitting if the Poptropicon was located in the city of their headquarters. I wouldn’t mind the flight, only with one cause… if it was Summer! Since most bloggers are teens they’ll have to stay in school for the majority of the year, however, in the summer they’ll be free without homework, which will be a perfect time to host the con. But still, international bloggers such as PC will have it difficult to come to America, so perhaps there can be more than one location.

  • Shows, Booths, and other bloggers

Wouldn’t it be awesome if other bloggers like Lucky Wing, Smart Flame, Slanted Fish or Hyper Gamer had there own booths spreading memories and discussing what they love about Poptropica to other Poptropica lovers? Imagine it. It’d be awesome. Nuff said. Plus it’d be a great idea if there were shows or live reincarnations of epic scenes from your favorite Islands!

  • Popularity

This is a very important topic. So important it’ll decide the fate if this will become a reality. POPularity (bad pun). Now I know what you may be thinking .”Poptropica is popular already, this shouldn’t be that big of an issue.” well it is, what if not enough people show up to this? This is why we need to spread the news, spread it to other bloggers spread it to YouTubers that played Poptropica in the past (thinkinoodles). Spread it to Poptropica, spread it to Jeff Keney, spread it to as many people as possible! We can make this happen, we can make this a reality, we can bring fans together from across the world, but it starts with you! Go out there and make Poptropicon a REALITY!

That’s all I have to say for this post, just make sure to forward this to as many people as possible, and this will no longer be just an island, it’ll actually be real.

as always,


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!



26 thoughts on “Make Poptropicon a Reality!!


      both me and my stepbrother are huge bronies so we know of more than just BronyCon. I found a full list of the cons that either are happening, have happened, or will be happening.
      -Whinny City PonyCon
      -Thailand Pony Convention
      -Everfree Northwest
      -Brony Fair
      -Crystal Mountain PonyCon
      -The Original BronyCon (at least that’s what I call it)
      -Project SEAPonyCon
      -Ponyville Ciderfest
      -And finally, Equestria LA

      We’re gonna need a lot more Poptropica conventions.

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  1. Though you gave the first blog credit, your post are almost identical and you didn’t address any new points in you post and it makes it seem like you were the one that came up with the idea instead of them

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