Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to something very special here on the blog! As seen in the title, the survey for the upcoming FanFic is coming out right before your eyes. You poptropicans will be able to vote for which plot/story satisfies you the most for the new fanfiction! You’ll have 3 choices to choose from which will be stated below, The winning FanFic will officially be the new Fan Fiction Friday series!! The results will be shown at the FFF Party, the official date to the party will be announced soon (just need to get everything ready for the event). Without further ado, here it is!


Plot #1: Located on the Wild West Island lives a young bounty hunter by the name of Zany Coyote. His colleague, Grey Scorpion gives him the biggest news yet. El Mistacho has escaped! With such a big danger on the loose, the entire island is in peril. It’s up to Coyote and Scorpion to bring him back to justice before the biggest scheme unfolds before their very eyes.

Plot #2: What happened to Mr. Silva after the science fair? was he thrown in the trash, or perhaps sent to jail. What if I told you like most other science fair projects of CJ’s, it ends up being displayed and kept in her room. Bad mistake, because Mr. Silva is not finished with his plan of hogging all the credit to himself and earning billions. Thanks to the help of his clever thinking, he escapes! Taking the shrink ray with him. Meanwhile his daughter, Kendall Silva is continuing her daily life at school, getting bullied by the fact that her dad was money crazy. Until one night, she got a call from Mr. Silva. With a few modifications to the shrink ray, he made something bigger, stronger and better.With Kendall being the only poptropican to know his scheme she has a choice to stand up for what is right, even if that means taking down her own father.

Plot #3: Located on Astro-Knights is a newly built academy for young knights in training.  Golden Moon, a knight in the making must prove to be top in his class to join the 3 royal knights of the round table. But only one thing stands in his way from glory, his rival Fierce Dragon. Golden Moon has had a grudge with Fierce Dragon since day one in training and now that the year is coming to an end only one knight will be able to be selected for the biggest honor of their lives. Who will get it, who’ll succeed?

//////////////VOTE HERE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


The winner for the art contest will be announced at the FFF Party in case you’re wondering. So, what are you waiting for, vote for your favorite plot for Fan Fiction Friday!

as always


   and I’ll see you next time, Fierce out!


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