Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to a new and exciting post featuring SB! (Sporty Boa owns his own blog and you can check that out here!) So, just yesterday my bro and I headed to the multiverse with one mission, to compete in all of the mini-games! Though, my brother had a 2nd mission to come out with a cool Top 3 post. I have to say this was incredibly fun and have a pretty important announcement coming up near the end, so stay tuned for that!

SB and FF
Me and Sporty Boa meeting up at the Multiverse


So, I and Sporty met up at the multiverse getting ready to do our first event, that being the game of Soduku. Just so you know I’ve played this game only 4 times, losing all 4. I literally had no idea how to play and SB and I were trying to find the game mechanics while spamming random keys on our computer, until Sporty Boa had to wait 10 seconds after guessing a number wrong. “Start spamming buttons.” We went a while like this until my bro searched up how to play the game, mind blown. I kinda understood, and just like that, I went into game mode.


Finally got the first point against my brother.

We soon both got the hang of it and it ended rather close and hey, it was super fun! I’d definitely play this again.

I get my first win in Sudoku with a final score of 29 to 20!


Hoops is the first ever game I’ve played in the multiverse back in the day. I’ve learned that after all these years, my brother was still better than me! Not IRL but still. It was pretty close, for the first 15 seconds and then, he went into game mode.

Close game as I try to edge back against him (Which I didn’t)

as always, I love hoops, I’d play it any day anytime (maybe not but still a great game to play to pass the time).

Sporty Boa finishes off the game with a total of 5 points and me having 2.


This game is stressful, and it seems as if no matter how hard I try, I lose. Everytime. Pretty much no difference here. I wasn’t able to close out in the clutch and took an L making it my 2nd loss in 3 mini-games.

I lose 4 to 7 in a pretty dominant game by SB.


Ah, the most common question you get asked in a common room, maybe besides the last time you showered, “Do you want to go head-to-head in Sky Dive?” “Yea.”

Do you want to play head-to-head Sky Dive?

We only did Sky Dive once due to the fact that we mustn’t waste too much time but boy was it an intense game of it! I was the first to jump off the cloud, and after that, I knew I was off to a bad start. Usually being last is the best strategy to win as you can see your opponent ahead of you, once they use their parachute, you use yours (after you pass them of course). I ended up losing in a very close battle.


I lost just barely against Sporty Boa in the Sky Diving event.


When someone does a robot dance in front of you after you lose to them.


Apparently, before I even realized it I was down 3-1 in the total standings against Sporty Boa and needed to bounce back quickly, with only 4 more events remaining I couldn’t afford any more losses, thus Star Link came. A chance to get a W. SB was rather inexperienced when it came to this game which held me at an advantage point allowing me to win against him, finally.

I end up winning in a rather lopsided victory, 7 to 5.


Balloons is a game of connect 4 except instead of inserting the coins down, you inflate a balloon going up. Still, I couldn’t afford an L and I was glad to catch Sporty Boa of guard with my diagonal connect 4! The series was now tied 3-3 a piece!

Diagonal connect 4 seals the victory over SB.


Soupwords is a game of spelling out words from the soup before the soup get’s cold/time running out. It was the only multiverse game I looked up the PHB guide for. And man I was glad I did! I was going to need all the firepower needed to finish the job off. and just like that SB chokes a 3-1 lead like the Warriors! (also I think Boa’s mouse wasn’t working… I’ll still take the win.)

I take the win despite the fact Sporty Boa’s mouse wasn’t working.


With only one last minigame to play, we go head-to-head in one of my all time favorite games… pathwise! With me controlling a 4-3 lead I wasn’t looking forward to a tie, I needed to win and I wasn’t going to show any remorse. We began in a back and forth affair until I was able to catch him off guard with one final move to close the curtains.

Trying to pull away in a competitive game of pathwise.


~Final Results~

Soduku: Fierce Flyer: (29) Sporty Boa: (20)

Hoops: Fierce Flyer: (2) Sporty Boa: (5)

Sky Dive: Fierce Flyer: (L) Sporty Boa: (W)

Paint War: Fierce Flyer: (4) Sporty Boa: (7)

Star Link: Fierce Flyer: (7) Sporty Boa: (5)

Balloons: Fierce Flyer: (W) Sporty Boa: (L)

Soup Words: Fierce Flyer: (W) Sporty Boa: (L)

PathWise: Fierce Flyer: (W) Sporty Boa: (L)


Fierce Flyer: 5         Sporty Boa: 3


I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Sporty Boa for participating in this awesome event! Please check out his Top 3 post for his favorite and least favorite Mini-games in the multiverse here! Alright, Alright, I know what you’re thinking, ‘what’s the big announcement Fierce?!’Well, I’ll tell you. There’ll be more of these Multiverse Battles!! That’s right It’ll be a monthly series where I and a chosen member of the Poptropica Community will battle it out to see who ranks supreme in the battle of mini-games! It might even become a youtube series on my channel! If you get a DM on Discord next month the chances are you’ve been selected to battle it out in the multi-verse battle, so keep an eye out for that!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and hopefully I’ll see you soon!

as always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce out!


13 thoughts on “Multiverse Battles! Featuring: Sporty Boa

  1. This would be better if it was a Youtube Video. But since you guys make it so entertaining I liked it alot! By the way I cringed when you did not know how to play Sudoku and how you guys did not place your title in the middle in Pathwise. Tip: Always place your Title in the middle of the bored belive me if you do this you will win 90% of your Pathwise games.

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