Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome back to another Monthly Memory! So, I was having a very intriguing conversation with a good friend (Lucky Wing) about art! We mostly chatted about how often we draw, or what we use to draw, and a few other things. But that got me thinking… wouldn’t it be a great idea to tell you guys, my loyal fans, about how I got introduced to digital art? Trust me, you’re gonna want to read on to find out, this is…… The Story of How I Began Digital Art! Enjoy guys!


~The Story of How I Began Digital Art~


When I was about 10 there was this book series that absolutely loved, you may or may not have heard of the name Warriors but at the time that was all I was reading, it’s basically a book about four clans of wild cats trying to survive in the wilderness, it’s really cool! Anyway, one day after finishing book 1 (of the second series) I had a strange craving to search up Warriors on YouTube, I mean they probably have awesome reviews on the books and stuff, however, what I was going to see was going to blow my mind. Speedpaints, M.A.P.S, Animation, flooded the search results, I was in awe. The entire Warriors community was revolved around creativity with art and animation… speechless. That was literally all I watched for the next few months, I was so intrigued and inspired to do more with my life. Near my 11th birthday, I went hard at work finding out what programs, laptops, and appliances they use to make this stuff. I had a HUGE list of every single thing. Just so you guys know prior to this, I sucked at art, in fact when watching some of the stuff I got jealous, back then I knew I was nowhere near their level of talent, it made me sad at points because I really didn’t know what I was good at, I’ve always wanted to be an author but at this time my writing wasn’t the best… at all. Although that stuff tugged me down I didn’t give in, I continued studying, watching tutorials and even learned to animate but now was the final test, or practice test whichever way you look at it. I was 11 when My Mother got a new computer for her job and often I borrowed it to play Coolmath games or English banana, until one day I saw her using her finger, yes her finger to move around tabs or documents on the computer. I was about to implode with energy and happiness at the fact I could use a finger to do stuff with the computer, it was a touch screen! Not only that but you could also fold it up into a tablet, how cool is that! Anyway after seeing what I saw I in no doubt had to try it for myself. I gradually got used to it by practicing on Microsoft Paint and stuff. Of course, I continued to look at tutorials and stuff and it was also at that time I took note of different art Softwares. Since my mom was also an administrator I could download anything on her computer, Showtime! At first, I downloaded professional Softwares like Photoshop and Adobe Animate but I struggled at first and by the time I got the hang of it, the trial went up. RIP. I almost gave up hope I thought I’d never succeed at my goals, depressing I know, but take it from me, NEVER lose hope, there’s alway’s a way to make things right or at least better than the current situation, ALWAYS! Anyway one day the thought came back again while using my mom’s computer, “Just search up FREE Softwares.” So, I did. At first, I saw nothing that appealed to me until I stumbled upon…… MediBang Paint! This was it, this was the break I’ve been so desperately looking for. A free professional art software beginner friendly! Of course, due to watching a lot of Warrior Cats stuff I decided to draw my OC: Night Pelt, it was the very first picture I drew on that software and man, I was happy. I still have the drawing, here!

NightPelt Portrait 2016

To commemorate the improvement I’ve made on my art I also did a redraw of it not too long ago, I was really aiming for the line art and smoother details and compared to the first ever drawing I did, I thought it was pretty good. Hopefully once every few months I can redraw the Night Pelt Portrait!

NightPelt Portrait 2017

So, moral of the story. If you keep persevering to your goals you will always succeed, it may sound cliche but it’s true! Don’t loose sight of what’s pushing you forward to your goals, chase after them, don’t let them get away from your mind and/or heart. Only you can decide what you do in life.


Alright guys, that’s all for this months monthly memory! Voice your opinions down below in the comment section and tell me how you got introduced to your current drawing style! Also, the Poppies are here!! I was planning on drawing just myself in my fancy wear but decided, hey, perhaps I can draw all of you! All you need to do is send me a picture of your poppies outfit before this Monday (7/10/17) And the pleasure will be all mine to draw all of us doing something… awesome. Anyway thanks for tuning in,

as always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!







(man, it’s good to be back)


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