You guys did it again, I don’t know how but you did. We reached a whopping 3,000+ views! So 4 this special occasion here’s what I’ll do… post a sneak peak for Fan Fiction Friday Finale!

“So… you’re telling me, you escaped using Happy Boa’s lockpick, followed a pair of B.A.D. agents and forced them to tell you their entire plan, which they did, and then locked them up in a closet only to dash back here to escape through the vents to warn the HQ.” Red Rider stood there puzzled with her arms crossed as she confronted Brave Lizard, “Yes, all except the part where we locked the B.A.D. agents in a closet…” Brave Lizard responded as he trailed his deep voice near the end. “Well, what’d you do with them then?” Red Rider said raising an eyebrow, “We let them go as we heard other B.A.D. agents coming around the corner.” Silver Raptor couldn’t help but facepalm his forehead at their decision to let them go. “I know, It wasn’t the best move but at least we can warn the Director before anything worse happens.” Happy Boa added in. “I don’t think we formally met yet, I’m Agent Boa, this is Agent Lizard, and this is Commander Hawk.”

Hope you enjoyed that small little sneak peak and once again thanks for this incredible milestone!!

as always

and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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