Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here and welcome to Art number 4!! You guys requested it, I wanted it, so here it is!

Before we get into this I’d like to say something regarding this blog. I was thinking of expanding it. Allow me to explain, I may be running out of ideas with Poptropica, until they make a new island or update all I can really do are my daily segments. So, I had in mind I’d do multiple things on my blog that may or may not be Poptropica based. I would like to start my Youtube channel soon which too would give me something to work on, but in the time being I’d like to do book reviews or a blog about my travels (going to Jersey in a couple of weeks) I asked a couple of you guys and you agreed to me so we’ll give it a try soon, anywho. Let’s begin Art 4: Cat Edition!!

1. 2017 Night Pelt Portrait
NightPelt Portrait 2017

You may have seen this already from the Monthly Memory but I honestly really like this drawing due to the fact at how much I’ve improved Art Wise. In case you also don’t know, Night Pelt is my Warrior Cats OC, I usually use him for role-plays on Roblox (Yes they have Warriors RP on Roblox) and he’s a pretty interesting character, kinda resembles me in some ways so, yea. On to the next one!

2. Caracals R Cute

Caracals R Cute.png

I recently made this picture (pretty much for the sake of Cat Edition) and I really liked how it turned out. It resembles a lot of features on the real caracal like their tuffs and marks on their forehead and I also like the coloring displayed with the beige and lemon yellow for lighting. On to the next!

3. Cat Thing


(Nice name, right?) This here I made a while back for a speed paint test on this new video taking software I got. I made in about 10 minutes so it may not look as good as the others. However, the simplicity of this design gives a cute feel to the drawing. Overall I like it, especially for a short notice doodle.


That’s it guys, thanks for tuning in for Art number 4!! As you all know the 2017 Poppies are tomorrow (Wednesday)! So I really hope to see you guys there if you’re coming, I’m really excited for my first ever Poppies and can’t wait to party!

as always
and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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