Hello everyone, Fierce Flyer here hoverin’ in to give you guys a brand new blog post! 2017 has been one heck of a ride for the FFA, as of now I have a fresh clean slate. My new years resolution is to live life to the fullest these next 365 days! Staying positive, always improving, being an inspiration, and persevering are just to name a few of my expectations this Year! Blog wise, I’d like to keep improving my writing and drawing skills as well as post more frequently! I’d also like to bring the community together with collaborations and shout outs! One of the things I’d like to get started this year is my YT channel, I have ton of ideas and would hope to get more Poptropica Community members to do the same as Perfect Sky did!

Well that’s all from me, tell me in the comments below what you’re resolution is and what you’re plans are for this year in the community! Also drop a like… plz

as always,
and I’ll see you next time, Fierce out!!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (I’m late)

  1. Man Perfect Sky was a legend in the Poptropica community and what is ever more better is that I have a feeling that Perfect Sky has no idea that people still remember and talk about her. Like just look at the Perfect Sky server people still talking about her


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