Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here glidin’ in to give you a brand new awesome blog post! If you haven’t known already I’m a flipping PHB author!!! I’ve literally never thought I’d see the day where I’d be an author for the most renown blog in the community! But, as great of an honor and opportunity this is, it has it’s cons. My blog… this is probably the last post I’ll ever make on the FFA…………. Ha, JK. I’d never abandon this blog this is the reason why I am where I am now, because of you guys! You’re views, comments, and positive messages are what pushed me and allowed me to strive over the months, but for real, there are some stuff we need to talk about.

I got a DM from Slanted Fish which always gets me excited for some reason, becoming the next PHB author though wasn’t on my mind at all though…


I quickly opened the DM and it was an invite to be an author!! I could’t believe it, I was literally screaming on the inside. Along with that were a few things I needed to do, which I did! I couldn’t resist such an offer but at the same time I thought. Hard. This is big, I might be judged as someone who I’m not, I might be questioned for who I am but…

… I took the chance, those things are stuff everyone will eventually have to go though, you just have to learn how to deal with it. But please hear me out here, I. Will. Not. Change. Just because I joined the PHB I’ll always be me, Fierce Flyer. I’ll always still comment, hang out on discord, like posts, retweeting funny cat videos, and everything I’ve been doing before.

So… In conclusion, the question “FFA or PHB” will be bubbled all of the above. I’ll just have to work twice as hard and I’m up for it! I can do it!

as always,
and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer signing out!



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