Pop Blog Awareness Day!

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen Fierce Flyer here, flyin' in to give you guys a new blog post and for me, a much anticipated one! As most of you remember, last year Perfect Sky released a statement on the PHB which started a large stir and movement in the Pop Community, with the help of … Continue reading Pop Blog Awareness Day!


March Madness Bracket Challenge: South

Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here glidin' in to give you a brand new blog post! Now, just from the title you might be wondering... Actually I don't know what you might be wondering, but allow me to explain! I'm a huge fan of sports (particularly Football and Basketball) and wanted to try something new this March, filling … Continue reading March Madness Bracket Challenge: South

The Oath of Socialism

Hey guys and gals, Fierce Flyer here floatin' in to give you another awesome blog post! Now, if you're like me you've probably experienced some awkwardness in your life time whether it be your best pal, your siblings, a complete total stranger, or even a teacher. Now, I'm not that anti-social or exactly an introvert, I'm rather … Continue reading The Oath of Socialism

Been Working Hard

Good Afternoon everyone, Fierce Flyer here divin' in to give you a brand new blog post! Today I'll explain why I haven't been posting lately and will continue to go through this Hiatus for the time being.