Good Afternoon everyone, Fierce Flyer here divin’ in to give you a brand new blog post! It’s been a very long while and I apologies for the extremely long wait but I have an important reason as to why I haven’t been posting lately and will continue to go through this Hiatus.

I’ve been working on catching up on school work. I’ve been working incredibly hard on various classes that I have and would like to continue doing so. I know what you’re thinking, you’re home schooled aren’t you? Well, yes actually but it’s a different type of home schooling if that makes any sense. My mom works at a school so during weekdays we have to go with her as well. Since my mom can’t necessarily teach us our studies while teaching her class we take online classes which is like any other school but digitally and more organized (If that helps explain anything).

So yeah, basically I’ve just been focusing on my academics and will continue to do so for the time being, I hope I have your support on this decision and will try to stay relatively active through social media and discord, thank you.


as always

and I’ll see you next time, Fierce out!



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