Hey guys and gals, Fierce Flyer here floatin’ in to give you another awesome blog post! Now, if you’re like me you’ve probably experienced some awkwardness in your life time whether it be your best pal, your siblings, a complete total stranger, or even a teacher. Now, I’m not that anti-social or exactly an introvert, I’m rather outgoing and I like meeting people with the same interests as me, but when it comes to trying to be (searches up antonyms for shy) “confident” I put myself into some pretty anxious situations. Today marks the day I’ll be making a proclamation of being social to kids at my mom’s school and even some of the teachers. Usually I’m up tight and put on a deeper voice for I don’t know what reason but that’s gonna change, starting this Monday I’ll put on a brave/cool face and begin interacting with other peeps. But I want to challenge you, to do the same (You don’t have to… if that’s okay). By the end of the week I’ll give you guys a full recap of how things went with this temporary settlement and if you want (totally optional) you can too! It’s a great opportunity to the shy folks out there such as myself to come out of their shell and try a new outlook on, well, socializing!

as always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!


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