Hey guys, Fierce Flyer here glidin’ in to give you a brand new blog post! Now, just from the title you might be wondering… Actually I don’t know what you might be wondering, but allow me to explain! I’m a huge fan of sports (particularly Football and Basketball) and wanted to try something new this March, filling out the March Madness Tournament Bracket! March Madness is a nation wide event for college hoops  which I’m sure most of you’ve heard of. How this’ll work is that I’ll be going through just the South bracket of the tourney picking who think will make it to the Final 4. If you want to see other brackets today let me know by showing support in the comments and dropping a like on this post, Let us get started!

South: Round of 64


I don’t know if u know this yet but a 16th seed has never knocked off a 1st seed before in the history of this tournament, hence the picking of Virginia. Miami’s my favorite college so I obviously picked the U to win their first game.

South: Round of 32

First off I changed Arizona from winning to Buffalo because I simply just think the Wildcats are overrated. Miami over Tennessee but barely, gonna come down to the wire.

South: Sweet 16

*Sigh* If I’m trying to be “Realistic” with this one here I pick Cincinnati over the Canes only because Cincinnati’s defense is pretty top notch. Obviously IRL I’m cheering for my Canes to pull away with this one. Virginia tops Kentucky because I too believe Kentucky’s waaaayy overrated, there path was relatively easy so that’s why they’re there in the first place.


South: Elite 8

The Cavaliers are gonna pull this off with their overpowered elite defense.



That does it for the South division of the NCAA March Madness Bracket!

Once again show your support by dropping a like and commenting whether to continue with the other brackets or not, tbh I had fun with this one and I hope you like the slight change of scenery as well (It’s not permanent or anything, just for the time being)

as always


and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer is out!


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