Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen Fierce Flyer here, flyin’ in to give you guys a new blog post and for me, a much anticipated one! As most of you remember, last year Perfect Sky released a statement on the PHB which started a large stir and movement in the Pop Community, with the help of Tall Cactus (former blogger and owner of “Tall Cactus’ Blog”), they were able to gather many more poptropicans, such as myself, to band together and help each other spread awareness to other blogs that may not be getting the credit where it’s due. This movement was called “Small Blog Awareness” buuuut personally some would find this offensive because our blogs have changed and grown so much through the years that it’s no longer “small”. We’re all in this together so let’s support each other’s blog and lead the charge in awareness for all poptropica blogs!

I know last year this movemnet really got out of hand but we need to put everything in perspective and protest peacefully and respectively, this meaning:

  • No Spamming in Chats #SavetheCommunity or #PopBlogsMatter
    Make sure to stay respectful and only limit yourself to only a few hashtags at a time, it get’s out of hand fairly quickly when anyone starts spamming.
  • No downgrading the PHB, Creators Blog and/or any other blog in the community
    Last year this was a huge problem, the PHB was dramatically accused and degraded which was not the point at all of this protest. Once more, be respectful.
  • You do not have to boycott popular blogs

Like last year there’ll be a party on March 25th to celebrate other bloggers and their amazing blog, also like last year there’ll be a discord server to interact with each other and for special announcements! (More news on the party to come)

Here is the discord chat to join:

With that being said hop on over to the discord chat and spread peace throughout the community for Poptropica Blogs alike! Make sure to spread the news to your friends, discord chats, twitter and other blogs. That’s all from me

as always
Fly Fierce PBA Alt
and I’ll see you next time, Fierce Flyer out!





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