So… um, hey there guys. I’m here again. What’s up? Nothing much? Relatable…


Okay for real tho, apologies, but I’ve been doing things. Big things. Kinda big things. Just read till’ end, you’ll see.


For one, I redesigned Fierce Flyer! (Left: Before | Right: After) I added a leather jacket cause’ the cyan hoodie wasn’t working for me as well as some minor details hence the necklace, haircut, undershirt, etc.


Header & Icon Design

Another thing I’ve been working on is a new design for the blog (Still using the spring concept) so that should be up soon, here’s a sample of what to expect:
summer FFA

YouTube Videos

Lastly I made not one, but two! YouTube videos! One has audio but the other doesn’t so I’ll be working on finalizing that sooner rather than later, really excited for you guys to check those out!

Look, the truth is I’ve missed this community, you guys, so much I couldn’t keep this blog on hiatus. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times more, joining this community has been the greatest decision of my life. I’ve missed Vampi’s posts, SB’s Top Ten, Lucky Wing’s AtV, Smart Flame’s stories, G-Hopper’s news updates, the list goes on and on. I do not want this community to die, I revive this blog not only for me, but to everyone else out there struggling to make posts like I did, to step up and make a strong effort push back the naysayers stating Poptropica’s dying. We are Poptropica, we are the community that holds it together.

Geez, let me stop, lol.

So um… yeah. I’m coming back.

as always,


and I’ll see you later, Fierce Flyer out!


PS: I miss saying that too.

PPS: Look out for some sweet Segments coming back.



11 thoughts on “On the Contrary…

  1. *hyperlink on “Vampi’s posts”*
    *Clicks hyperlink*
    *leads to randomness blog that I’ve redesigned to be mostly about my character Muse (while also being about me)*
    me: *inhale* shoulda done the ATG website, not like it matters tho


  2. The part where you say that “joining the Poptropica community is the best thing i have ever done, I do not want this Poptropica community to die,push say the people saying Poptropica is dead. Man! Say that to the people in Perfect Sky’s server.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know that but dam that server is full of people saying Poptropica is dead, and some people are even trying to get me to quit Poptropica 😦 To give you some insight, some people who are in the server are “Tall Cactus” “Perfect Sky” and yes even Purple claw.

        Liked by 1 person

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